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2001 Toyota Corolla Seat Belt Buckle

This 2001 toyota corolla seat belt buckle is a great addition to your car. It is agrey anodized aluminum and has a toyota logo. It is a good fit for the 1998-2002 corolla. It is also a good value at $20.

2001 Toyota Corolla Seat Belt Buckle Target

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Best 2001 Toyota Corolla Seat Belt Buckle

This is a 2001 toyota corolla seat belt buckle. It's a warning cable for the engine. The cable tells you that your belt is too tight and that you need to let go. The cable is also going to tell you how many miles the belt has been on the car. And the cable connection between the belt and camlock is poor. The belt should not be removed by anyone other than a person who has authority to do so, and the authority person does not have the key to the car. The belt should be pulled up on ailo or ailo bars, and then it is possible to replace the belt. The belt buckle has a 2x gray color and it is made of plastic. The belt buckle has a small hole in it and a small plug in it. The plug can be used to connect the belt buckle to aplug. It's a bit old and a little 1/2 inch size. It's got a bit of wear and tear on it and the buckle. The bit is still in good condition. It doesn't have any type of risk. You can buy it if you want.